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  Ray Trygstad Professional Homepage  http://www.raytrygstad.com/ 
  Ray Trygstad Personal Homepage  http://www.trygstad.org/ 
  Trygstad Portal Site (In development)  http://trygstad.info/ 
  New Ray Trygstad Personal Homepage (under construction)
  Kenneth E. Trygstad Memorial Page  http://www.trygstad.org/ken/ 
  IIT Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Campus
(with Scott Pfeiffer)
  IIT Center for Professional Development  http://www.cpd.iit.edu/ 
  IIT Information Technology & Management Degree Programs  http://www.itm.iit.edu/ 
  IIT ITM 561 Internet Technologies  http://itwebmaster.iit.edu:561/ 
  Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
Internet Technology Webmaster Certificate 
  IIT Stuart Graduate School of Business
ECOM516 Web Content Design & Site Mgmt
  IIT Stuart Graduate School of Business
ECOM563 Web Page Design & Navigation
  IIT Stuart Graduate School of Business
ECOM564 Web Site Management
  IIT Educational Technology Certificate  http://imc.iit.edu/gcet/ 
  IIT CS460 Fundamentals of Multimedia  http://multimedia.rice.iit.edu/ 
  IIT Information Technology Certificate Programs
(conceptual design; site is not fully functional)
  IIT Information Technology Training
(with Scott Pfeiffer)
  World Wide Web Virtual Library
Naval and Maritime Page
  Wesley United Methodist Church
Naperville, Illinois
  Boy Scout Troop 100
Naperville, Illinois
  Naperville Men's Glee Club, Naperville, IL  http://www.nmgc.org/ 
  The Lady of Shalott: an Art Appreciation Project  http://multimedia.rice.iit.edu/shalott/ 
  Webmaster Sources LLC (in development)  http://www.webmastersources.com/ 
Association Webmaster
NonProfit Webmaster
Student Webmaster
University Webmaster
Webmaster U
     Future Development  
Convention Webmaster
Small Business Webmaster
  University of Chicago Graham School of
Professional Studies: Certificate in
E-Business Strategy: Web Technology
  Leadership Oak Brook: A Vision of the Future
for the Oak Brook Area Association of
Commerce and Industry (with OBACI)
  Leadership Oak Brook: Developing & Enhancing
Presentation Skills (with OBACI)
  Professional Development Seminar in
Web Authoring for the Society of Automotive
Engineers (SAE) Chicago Section
  E-Commerce Conference (with College of
Dupage Business and Professional Institute)
  Training Sessions for Hewitt Associates  http://itwebmaster.iit.edu/hewitt/
  Cosmopolitan Chamber of Commerce Minority
Business E-Commerce Training Conference
  Homeport: the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni
Online Community
  United States Naval Academy Concerned Alumni
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