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Ray Trygstad: Trainer

Let's face it: too many “techies” don’t know how to relate technical topics in terms that can be understood by the average person, and too many “great speakers” do not have a sufficient grasp of technical topics to address them adequately. Throughout my entire working life I have grappled with issues of making technical information accessible to non-technical folks who need to learn to handle a world of rapidly expanding technological impact on both the workplace and daily life. This is where I shine, and where I can be of enormous value to you. Perhaps I'm just lucky; I come from a liberal arts background with an undergraduate degree in European Studies, but earned at a technical school, the U.S. Naval Academy.

In any case, the fact is that I can teach technologically-intense topics to anyone, and make the material clear and accessible. My training is tailored specifically to your needs, and material available covers a broad range of technology, Internet, World Wide Web and multimedia topics. My training is always accompanied by handouts and a companion Web site which include well-researched guides to additional material on the topic.

Here are some typical comments from a one-hour corporate seminar on “Introduction to Web Design”:

  • This was awesome. A great deal of information in a very short time.
  • Great speaker and session loved having the handout!
  • Thanks – excellent, clear communication, excellent format, good handouts.
  • I thought it was really good as someone who is just starting to work on web development.
  • Very helpful class – Instructor made a complex subject easy to understand.
  • Awesome topic. Very informative. Great facilitator. Kept sessions interactive, humorous to keep audience engaged. Clear-reading handouts excellent.
  • Handouts of slides is greatly appreciated for additional note taking. Great offering – Thank you.
  • I enjoyed this session very much. The instructor is really good. He's entertaining, personable, and seems to really know what he is talking about! Great job! It was well worth my time. I learned a lot. Good time management too. He started in time and ended on time. Thanks.
  • Very well done. A lot of good, useful information in a short timeframe. An excellent web primer.
  • This session challenges the common developer's notion of "intro to Web Design?" "I know all that!" Excellent common sense explanation of web concepts. Bravo.
  • I thought this session was excellent, thank you for the insight into web design.
  • The instructor was very knowledgeable, spoke clearly and loud enough to be heard. Overall a great session.