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Ray Trygstad: Consultant

I've been “working the Web” since almost the dawn of the Web—1994—and I build successful, usable Web sites that support enterprise goals. I've been managing information technology and integrating it with enterprises since 1988. I have formal education in both computers and the managment of technology. I've written numerous courses and curricula in many areas of information technology.

The upshot: I can bring all of this expertise, experience and education to bear for you. If your firm is adopting new systems, branching out into a new area of information technology, or taking the first steps to integrate the Web and Internet into your enterprise, I can be your “sanity check” in your dealings with vendors and contractors. I can review your planning and RFP's and ensure you are on track and proceeding in the right direction; I can evaluate proposals submitted in response to your RFPs and recommend your best course of action; I can create training curricula and materials.

As a consultant I do just that: consult. I will not try to sell you any products, nor will I step in and try to run things. If you are a small to medium sized business, you probably can't cost-justify having someone with my skills and knowledge working for you full-time, but I can be your information technology and Internet expertise on an “as needed” basis. I won't kid you—I don't work cheap. If I didn't charge for what I know, you wouldn't need my level of skill and knowledge. But by the same token, you will always get what you pay for: clear, concise and cogent evaluations, explanations, curricula and recommendations from an expert. If you need me just drop me a line: trygstad@trygstad.org.